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Salvaging electronic and other useful parts:Philips N4407 tape recorder

The N4407 from the beginning of the 1970's.

The front cover removed shows no sign of melted rollers at first glance. But closer inspection learns that the two rollers,the one next to the right tape reelholder and the other one have started to go spongy.

Turning this part over reveals the large aluminium fly wheel, transformer and the electromotor.

Parts salvaged from this tape recorder:two speakers,aluminium handle,large aluminium flywheel,two parts from the electromotor, counter,variousspacers,metal bracket,plastic/aluminium knobs from the pot-meters,VU-meters,various metal parts and two large bolts.

Also very useful in future projects are the wooden side panels. Among the electronic components are: 22K Ohm potmeter(4),470K Ohm potmeter(2).50K Ohm potmeter,150 Ohm resistors,1000 uF cap,330 uF cap,470 uF cap,AD161 and 162 transistors.