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The Pummer pages
Of all the different BEAM bots you can make Pummers are among my favourite(the others are Solarollers,Symets and magbots)
and I've built quite a few of them now.
It might be useful to tell what a Pummer actually is:simply said it's a non-moving bot(although I've changed that lately)with a LED 
which slowly fades in and out.
Many of them are made with a 74AC240 chip (or 74HCT240),although you can also make them without these chips.Look for example 
at the CostaRica BEAM Pummer page.

Different Pummers:

  • Mad scientist Pummer
  • 2F Pummer
  • The Plath Pummer
  • Copper Pummer
  • Copper and glass Pummer
  • Record player Pummers
  • Robot Pummer
  • Capacitor Pummer
  • Ceramic Pummer
  • Audio Light Probe Pummer
  • The Pyramid Pummer
  • The Double Glass Pummer