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Record player pummers

Project:Record player pummers
Started:Spring 2008
Materials:Record player arm,aluminium parts from a videorecorder.
Notes:In the spring of this year I got 23 record-players for free
which left me with plenty of arms to use for future projects.
Many of those will be used to build these pummers.
The pummer on the left has a base made out of 2 aluminium parts
from a video-recorder(the head),one of which I gave a brushed look
using my Dremel tool.
About the three others:the first two use a blue LED.
The one in the middle has two 1,0 uF capacitors instead of 0,22 uF.
This causes it to Pumm about once every 45 seconds.
The one on the right uses Wilf Rigters improved circuit and a
3.6 V phone battery.

The latest Pummer I built.This one with the improved circuit and a yellowish LED.