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 May/June 2012-I have started building a series of robots which have simple circuits in them.
This one,Mr.Philips,has a Joule Thief circuit with 3 red LEDs.The head comes from an old Philishave
shaver,the body is an aluminium housing out of a vintage radio.

Another robot with a Joule Thief circuit,Frau Rosenthal,named after the manufactor of the resistors which form the arms. For this particular project I choose a diferent Joule Thief circuit,a more complex one, because I wanted to use the components as parts for the robot.So,two resistors became arms, the two transistors eyes(with eyelashes!),the coil a mouth,the capacitor a handbag and another resistor a necklace. I also used two green LEDs for the eyes.All in all a pretty complex build with lots of wires going around...