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Salvaging electronic and other useful parts:Beocord 8900V
Our first victim in this series of salvaging is the Beocord 8900-V made by B&O
in the beginning of 1980's.Opening it up reveals a device packed with electronic circuitboards.

The front part of recorder has quite a few LED's and various switches to salvage.
Most of the circuit boards and wires are removed in the left photo.The right photo shows the power supply with the big transformer and large capacitors.
The bottom of the video tape compartment(as I'll name it).Four motors can be found here,including a stepping one.The photo on the right shows the video head.
Salvaged parts:Motors and the video head(in three parts).In the photo on the right:various metal pieces.
Salvaged parts:various sheet metal.And on the right:miles of wire with connectors.
Salvaged parts:nuts and bolts,screws,spacers,washers and springs.In the photo on the right: plenty of circuit boards with many useful capacitors,resistors,LED's,diode's,transistors(mostly BC 558)and IC's.