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The Solarfloater,an amphibious Solaroller
First stage:a plan of a boat is drawn on paper,cut out,put 
on a piece of sheet metal and secured with tape.
Then with the metal snips I cut out the outline of the boat.
The holes for the drive shaft were drilled

Second stage:the sheet metal is folded along the lines with a few rivets to keep it together.A small torch was used to solder it together more and make it watertight.I tested if no water entered the boat.Usually it's not a good idea to mix that with electronics......
Third stage:the waterwheels are made out of jar lids and pieces of aluminium.A metal spool is glued onto the shaft for the drive belt. The drive belt is put on the shaft,then the waterwheels were glued onto the shaft with e6000.
Fourth stage:the Miller solarengine and the motor are attached.I tested various motors but settled for a gear motor in the end.The other ones were not strong enough. I also attached a small wheel under the bow.

After some tests I found out that the concept does work,but is not very efficient. I probably need a bigger solar cell and a different belt system:a toothed one seems a better option.On to Version 2!