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Various non-mechanical projects

Materials:Giant African Landsnailshell,polycarbonate plastic,various electronic
components,gears from a printer,lightbulbs,brass parts from video players.

Project:unnamed(yet) Started:December 2008 Finished:2008 Materials:wooden box,radio tubes,vintage radio parts,gauge,copper,brass. Notes:I've started another little project with a wooden box I had laying around.In it's former life it was used as kind of darkroom clock and quite abused. I started to put on some parts,a piece of steel pipe,some kind of meter. And the pipe fitted perfectly into a hole in the lid and the meter perfectly into the pipe.After that I just grabbed some parts and saw how it looked. I've added three radiotubes,a copper coil,a vintage capacitor,some other old radio parts and of course LEDS (with the option of adding a Pummer circuit....yes,again). Also some copper and brass pieces, and a black metal transformer housing(for easy access to the batteries).
Project:2009-1 Started:January 2009 Finished:February 2009 Materials:wooden amplifier housing,glass test tubes,copper pipes,vintage radio parts.