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Superfamily Rhytidacea
Family Acavidae
Genus Ampelita 
Genus Eurystyla 
Genus Leucotaenius 
Genus Oligospira
Genus Stylodon
Subfamily Acavinae
Genus Acavus
Genus Helicophanta
Subfamily Clavatorinae
Genus Clavator

Ampelita duvalii(Saussaye,1844) Shell:helicoid shaped with a height of 22 mm and a width of 41 mm,the umbilicus is wide,about 8 whorls.It has 1 or 2 spiral bands. Habitat:dry to humid forests

Ampelita robillardi(Argas,1876) Shell:helicoid shaped with a width of 35 mm,whitish with dark spiral bands. In Madagascar.

Sub-family Acavinae Helicophanta bicingulata(Smith,1882) Shell:helicoid shaped,brown with multiple spiral bands.Height 35 mm x width 76 mm. Habitat:dense forests.

Helicophanta farafanga(Adams,1875) Shell:height 30 mm x width 70 mm,4 whorls with spiral bands. The animal is light colored.

Helicophanta gargantua(Emberton,1999) Shell:height 79 mm x width 90 mm with 4,5 whorls.

Helicophanta ibaraoensis(Angas,1879) Shell:height 50 mm x width 77 mm,with many spiral bands and 4,5 whorls. The animal is dark. Habitat:in humid evergreen forests.

Helicophanta souverbiana Two variaties of this Helicophanta exist: H.s. var audiberti(Mousson,1882) Shell:height 43 mm x width 77 mm,with a single spiral band and 4 whorls. The animal is yellow-brown. H.s. var souverbiana(Fischer,1860) Shell:height 45 mm x width 70-80 mm,with 4-5 spiral bands and 4 whorls.

Sub-family Clavatorinae Clavator grandidieri(Crosse & Fischer,1868) Shell:90 mm high,brown with whitish streaks. Distribution:Madagascar.

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