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Determination table Achatinidae
Species Shell Shellcolor bodycolor Average size Eggsize and color
Achatina achatina pointed brown with dark zig-zag stripes, pink columella dark with coarse skin,a raised V on the back. 15-25 cm 5 mm,white
Achatina albopicta very pointed,sutures very deep beige,with brown blotches and stripes,pink tip very pale 7 cm
Achatina dimidiata pointed bodywhorl half yellowish-brown,the other half reddish brown pale with a darker stripe running from the head towards the shell 12 cm
Achatina fulica pointed very variable light-brown 10-12 cm
Achatina fulica rodatzi pointed yellowish brown sometimes with light brown stripes pale 10-12 cm
Achatina glutinosa pointed variable,often with a chestnut brown bodywhorl lightbrown
Achatina immaculata less pointed than A.fulica Juveniles are very striped, adults fading to whitish brown orangish brown 12 cm 8 mm,white
Achatina iredalei pointed,elongated,thin yellow pale 7-10 cm ovo-viviparous
Achatina panthera pointed,thick off whitish,brownish, with brown and bluish stripes pale,with a darker stripe running down the middle 12-15 cm
Achatina panthera (striped form) pointed brown,darker stripes pale,with a darker stripe running down the middle 12-15 cm
Achatina reticulata pointed,with welts beige with brown stripes and blotches light-brown 15-18 cm
Achatina smithii pointed brown with darker brown and yellowish stripes pale 5-9 cm yellowish white
Achatina stuhlmanni pointed brown,whitish,or uni-colored brown, the bodywhorl sometimes clearly two-toned pale
Archachatina marginata apex blunt very variable,but usually with a pink tip grey,blackish or cream,with a raised V on the back 18 cm 10 mm,yellow
10 22 27 16 14 1.14