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Subclass Orthogastropoda
Superorder Caenogastropoda Cox,1960
Order Sorbeoconcha Ponder & Lindberg,1997
Superfamily Rissooidea J.E. Gray,1847
Family Aciculidae

Acicula fusca Montagu 1803 Shell:minute,cylindrical,thin and translucent and very glossy,light golden brown. 2.2-2.5 mm high and 0.8 mm wide with 5-5.5 whorls. Habitat:damp places,living in litter in mature deciduous woods or in moss by springs. Area:Ireland,local in Britain,Belgium,NW Germany,France(South to Dordogne and Pyrenean foothills)

Acicula lineolata Pini 1884 Shell:minute,cylindrical(but more conical than other species),edge of mouth thickened. Coloring as in A.fusca. 3.3-3.7 mm high and 1.2 mm wide. Habitat:Woods,rocks,rubbly slopes. Area:South Switzerland and SE France.