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Superfamily Cochlicopacea
Family Amastridae
A Family of snails living on the ground on the Hawaiian Islands.Most of them are
ovoviviparous.There are many subspecies and about 250 species.

Genus Amastra Genus Armsia Genus Carelia Genus Cyclamastra Genus Kauaia Genus Laminella Genus Leptachatina Genus Planamastra Genus Tropidoptera

Amastra magna(Adams,1850) About 3 cm,light-brown with dark-brown stripes.The animal is black. On Lanai.

Amastra spirizona(Férussac,1824) About 2 cm,dark-brown with three light-brown bands. On Oahu.

Kauaia kauaiensis(Newcomb,1860) About 2,5 cm,light-brown,triangular shaped. On Kauai.

Laminella sanguinea(Newcomb,1853) About 2 cm,elongated,light-brown with dark-brown spots. On Oahu.