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Family Helicidae:Sub-family Ariantinae
Genus Arianta
Genus Causa
Genus Chilostoma
Genus Isognomostoma

Arianta arbustorum(Linnaeus,1758)Copse Snail Shell globose with conial spire,yellowish or dark yellow-brown,with a dark band and spots. 10-22 mm high x 14-28 mm wide,5-6 whorls. Animal brown-black to dark grey. In West- and Central-Europe in woods,shrubs and meadows.

Chilostoma alpinum Ferussac,1821 Shell with low convex-conical spire,umbilicus large,irregular growth ridges,yellowish- white,usually flecked.9-12 mm high and 15-22 mm wide with 5-5.5 whorls. In the French Alps in meadows,scrubs and rocky places from 800-2800m.

Chilostoma achates Rossmassler,1835 Shell very flattened,spire very low,umbilicus large,glossy somewhat translucent whitish-brown with a dark brown spiral band at the periphery.Below is a mostly white band.7-12 mm high and 17-29 mm wide with 5 whorls. In East-Switzerland and SE Bavaria on rocks and rubbly slopes from 900-2300m. photo:©Wolfgang Fischer

Chilostoma squamatinum Moquin-Tandon,1856 Shell conical convex,sutures deep,umbilicus large,6-8 mm high and 12-15 mm wide.5-6 whorls.Color pale to dark brown,somewhat glossy with one dark brown spiral band at the periphery,sometimes set in a wider pale band. In The Pyrenees,South- and Central-France northwards to Brittany in holes in rocks, rubbly slopes and walls.

Chilostoma desmoulinsi Farines,1834 Shell with a low convex spire,sutures shallow,umblicus large,shellmouth with a white lip. 5-6 mm high and 13-15 mm wide,yellowish to dark brown,somewhat glossy with a barely visible dark spiral band at the periphery. In the east of the Pyrenees in crevices in rocks and rubble slopes between 600-2800 m. photo:© Alain BERTRAND Alain Bertrand

Chilostoma cingulatum(Studer,1820) Shell white or creamy white with a dark band,10-12 mm high and 20-27 mm wide.5 whorls. In the Southern Alps in rocks,old walls.

Chilostoma zonatum Studer,1820 Shell with a low convex spire,umbilicus large,yellowish to greenish brown,somewhat glossy with irregular ridges and a brown spiral band at the periphery.5 whorls. 9-13 mm high and 18-26 mm wide. In the French Alps,South-Switzerland in damp rocky places from 800-2900 m.

Isognomostoma isognomostoma(Schröter,1784) Shell reddish brown with coarse hair,aperture with 3 teeth,7-11 mm wide x 4-7 mm high. 5-6 whorls. In hilly country in forests,among stones and wood. In Central- and Eastern Europe,the Ukraine.

Isognostoma holosericum(Studer,1820) Shell reddish brown,a white lip,with hairs,aperture wth 2 teeth, 9-12 mm wide x 5-6 mm high. 4.5-5 whorls. Up to 2000 mtrs in forests(often conifer) in The Alps,Swiss Jura,Czech and Slovak Republics.

Subfamily Helicigoninae

Helicigona lapicida(Linnaeus,1758)Lapidiary Snail Shell lens-shaped with a sharp keel,brown with red-brown spots, 7-9 mm wide x 12-20 mm high,with 5,5 whorls. Animal brown grey. In West- and Central-Europe in rocky soil and old walls.

Helicogona faustina(Rossmassler,1835) Shell pale yellow to reddish brown,above the periphery a dark brown band(but not always). Thickwalled,somewhat glossy with 5 whorls.8-11 mm high and 15-20 mm wide. Aperture oval with a white lip,umbilicus very wide. In damp and shady rubble,rocks,wooded slopes,ruins and vegetation. In Hungary and surrounding region,north into Poland and west into Slovakia. photo:Femorale