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Superfamily Ampullaroidea
Family Ampullariidae
Genus Asolene

Asolene is a Genus found in rivers of South-America,especially in Paraquay,Uruguay, Argentina,and southeastern Brazil.They have a much shorter siphon than the snails in the Genus Pomacea.There are three subgenera:,although opinions differ on this subject,Asolene,Pomella and Felipponea.

Asolene(Asolene)spixi(d'Orbigny,1837) Shell about 45 mm high and 40 mm wide,spire low and whorls rounded. The color is yellowish with brown spiral bands. The animal is yellow to brown with dark spots.The snails are usually active during the night and hide in the daytime. In southeastern Brazil.

Asolene(Asolene)pulchella(Anton,1839) Shell about 20 to 30 mm high,spire low and pointed,body whorl oval,aperture wide. With broad,brown spiral bands.

Asolene(Asolene)platae(Maton,1809) Shell about 20 to 30 mm high,spire low and rounded,body whorl oval,aperture wide. With or without darker spiral bands.

Asolene(Pomella)megastoma(Sowerby,1825) Shell about 100 mm high and 100 mm wide,thick and heavy,aperture very wide, spire very low. The color is brown with sometimes brown bands.The surface is rough,granular. The animal is brown to blackish with yellow spots. In Uruguay and southeastern Brazil.

Asolene(Pomella)americana(v.Ihering,1919) Shell about 60 mm high and wide,spire low,aperture very wide. The color is light to dark brown,the inside is dark. The animal is brown to blackish.Eggs are laid above the watersurface. In southeastern Brazil.

Asolene(Felipponea)elongata(Dall,1921) Shell about 25-30 mm high,umbilicus narrow,globose,spire low. In Uruguay.

Asolene(Felipponea)neritiformis(Dall,1919) Shell about 45 mm high,brown,oval,spire eroded and aperture large. The animal lives in fast flowing rivers. In Uruguay. Asolene(Felipponea)iheringi(Pilsbry,1931) Shell about 25 mm high,conical,reddish brown streaked with a yellowish background. In Brazil.

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