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Family Assimineidae

Assiminea grayana(Fleming,1828) Shell cone-shaped with a sharp top,up to 6,5-7 whorls,aperture oval,light-brown or reddish-brown,height up to 7,5 mm x width 4,5 mm. Male shells or smaller than those of females. The body of the animal is grey with a dark head and short tentacles.The snails are adapted to a life on land,the gills are rudimentary. Reproduction starts in April,the eggs are laid in July.They hatch after about 5 days with a temperature of 20 c,but this can take up to a month when it is colder.The snails live up to 2 years. They feed on plant or animal micro-organisms in brackish or saltish water.Along the Atlantic coast in Europe to Northwest Spain.

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