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Superfamily Clausilioidea
Family Clausiliidae

Charpentieria ornata(Rossmässler,1836) Shell:light reddish brown,with white mouth,15-18 mm high x 4-4,5 mm wide. Habitat:limestone rocks,walls. Area:Northeastern Alps,Austria,Czech Republic.

Papillifera papillaris(Müller,1774) Shell:pale yellowish grey,often faded to grey-white,12-15 x 3.2-3.8 mm. Habitat:rocky places,close to the coast Area:From the Pyrénèes-Orientalis till Var.

Papillifera solida(Draparnaud,1805) Shell:pale,yellowish brown,11-15 x 3.2-3.8 mm. Habitat:rocks,old walls,woods Area:In the Provence,Nyons and Villeneuve-les-Avignon.

Macrogastra ventricosa(Draparnaud,1801) Shell:reddish brown,17-19 mm high x 4-4.3 mm wide,11-12 whorls. Habitat:woods Area:Central-Europe,Denmark.

Macrogastra lineolata(Held,1836) Shell:reddish brown,13-16 mm high x 3.3-3.8 mm wide. Habitat:woods,in mountainous areas Area:Western Central-Europe,the Alps

Macrogastra plicatula(Draparnaud,1801) Shell:reddish brown,often eroded,11-14 mm high x 3 mm wide. Habitat:woods,between rocks,up to 2000 mtrs in the Alps Area:Central-Europe

Macrogastra rolphii(Turton,1826) Shell:reddish brown,11-14 high x 3.4-3.6 mm wide. Habitat:woods,slopes with shrubbery Area:West-Europe

Balea biplicata(Montagu,1803) Shell:brown,white spots on the top,16-18 mm high x 3.8-4 mm wide,12-13 whorls. Habitat:shady places in woods,shrubbery,between rocks,along rivers Area:Central-Europe,also in Scandinavia and England

Balea perversa(Linnaeus,1758) Shell:pale yellow-brownish or greenish,6-10 mm high x 2.2-2.3 mm.9-10 whorls. Habitat:dry places between rocks,woodland edges,old walls up to 2400 mtrs in Switzerland Area:Azores and West-Europe

Laciniaria plicata(Draparnaud,1801) Shell:light brown with a white mouth,15-18 mm high x 3,5 mm wide,12-13 whorls. Habitat:damp rocks,ruins,up to 2300 mtrs. in The Alps. Area:Northeastern France,Central Europe.

Vestia turgida(Rossmässler,1836) Shell:reddish to yellowish brown,glossy,fine and coarsely grooved,aperture pear-shaped, the margin has a thick white lip,14-16 mm x 3,6-3,9 mm,10 -11 whorls. Habitat:damp mountain forests,marshy sites but also on drier areas. Area:In the Carpathians,South-Poland,North-Hungary.

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