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Superfamily Helicacoidea
Family Bradybaenidae

Genus Aegista Genus Calocochlia Genus Canistrum Genus Chalepotaxis Genus Chloraea Genus Chrysallis Genus Dolicheulota Genus Euhadra Genus Hemitrichia Genus Hemitrichiella Genus Mesanella Genus Nesiohelix Genus Paraegista Genus Phengus Genus Phoenicobius Genus Pseudobuliminus Genus Steatodryas Genus Trishoplita Subfamily Helicostylinae Genus Cochlostyla Genus Helicostyla Subfamily Bradybaeninae Genus Bradybaena Genus Cathaica Genus Eulota

Bradybaena fruticum(Müller,1774) Shell:white or light red-brown,sometimes with a dark band, 10-19 high x 13-23 mm wide.5-6,5 whorls Habitat:damp places Area:Central-and East-Europe

Bradybaena similaris(Rang,1831) Shell:helicoid,pale brownish with a darker spiral band,height 7-9 mm x width 11-15 mm. Area:In tropical and sub-tropical regions,South-China,S.E-Asia,Indonesia. picture courtesy of:Bishop museum

Chrysallis electrica(Reeve,1848) Shell about 70 mm high,yellowish brown. In The Philippines.

Chrysallis virgata(Jay,1839) Shell about 35 mm high,yellowish brown with broad,dark spiral bands,also without spiral bands. In The Philippines.

Subfamily Helicostylinae

Calocochlia propitia(Fulton,1907) Shell about 33 mm high,brown with darker spiral bands near the aperture. In The Philippines.

Calocochlia roissyana(Ferussac,1821) Shell about 38 mm high,very variable,the color can be white with dark spiral bands or brown with darker or lighter spiral bands. In The Philippines.

Calocochlia zonifera(Sowerby,1842) Shell about 40 mm high,variable,light brownish with darker spiral bands. C. zonifera circe is smaller and has a white top half of the shell. C. zonifera forma paraleuca(Pilsbry,1892)is light brownish and about 30 mm high. C. zonifera forma globosa(Kobelt,1910)is yellowish brown and about 50 mm high.

Helicostyla dubiosa(Pfeiffer,1846) Shell about 50 mm high,light brown,the upper half of the shell is lighter, with darker spiral bands. In The Philippines.

Helicostyla daphnis(Broderip,1841) Shell about 75 mm high,light brown with darker spiral bands,but variable. In The Philippines.Possible exctinct.

Helicostyla diana(Broderip,1841) Shell about 50 mm high,yellowish brown with darker vertical streaks. In The Philippines.

Helicostyla dimera(Jonas,1846) Shell about 30 mm high,the lower part is dark-brown,the upper half white with brown spiral bands. In The Philippines.

Helicostyla effusa(Pfeiffer,1842) Shell about 38 mm high,yellowish brown. In The Philippines.

Helicostyla florida(Sowerby,1841) Shell about 38 mm high,greenish-brown with darker and lighter spiral bands or olive-green with a white top and white spiral bands. forma aureola is yellowish-brown. In The Philippines.

Helicostyla marinduquensis(Hidalgo,1887) Shell about 75 mm high,light-brown with a dark brown lip. In The Philippines.

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