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Superfamily Helicacoidea
Family Camaenidae
Genus Albersia
Genus Amphidromus 
Genus Amplirhagada
Genus Arnemelassa
Genus Aslintesta
Genus Austrochloritis
Genus Baccalena
Genus Badistes
Genus Basedowena
Genus Baudinella
Genus Bentosites
Genus Calvigenia
Genus Calycia
Genus Camaena
Genus Canefriula
Genus Carinotrachia
Genus Chloristanax
Genus Chloritis 
Genus Chosenelix
Genus Cooperconcha
Genus Craterodiscus
Genus Cristilabrum
Genus Cryptaegis
Genus Crystallopsis
Genus Cupedora
Genus Damochlora
Genus Dirutrachia
Genus Discomelon
Genus Divellomelon
Genus Eurycratera
Genus Exiligada
Genus Forcartia
Genus Galadistes
Genus Ganesella
Genus Gloreugenia
Genus Glyptorhagada
Genus Granulomelon
Genus Hadra
Genus Jacksonena
Genus Kendrickia
Genus Kimboraga
Genus Labyrinthus
Genus Lacustrelix
Genus Mandarina
Genus Mecyntera
Genus Megalacron
Genus Meliobra
Genus Melostrachia
Genus Meracomelon
Genus Mesodontrachia
Genus Micromelon
Genus Moellendorffia
Genus Montanomelon
Genus Mouldingia
Genus Mussonena
Genus Neveritis
Genus Ningbingia
Genus Noctepuna
Genus Obba
Genus Obstengenia
Genus Occirhenea
Genus Offachloritis
Genus Ordtrachia
Genus Pallidelix
Genus Papuanella
Genus Papuexul
Genus Papuina
Genus Papustyla
Genus Parglogenia
Genus Planispira
Genus Plectorhagada
Genus Pleurodonte
Genus Pleuroxia
Genus Polydontes
Genus Polygyratia
Genus Posorites
Genus Prototrachia
Genus Prymnbriareus
Genus Pseudcupedora
Genus Pseudopartula
Genus Quistrachia
Genus Ramogenia
Genus Retroterra
Genus Rhagada
Genus Rhynchotrochus
Genus Rhytidoconcha
Genus Satsuma
Genus Semotrachia 
Genus Setobaudinia
Genus Sinumelon
Genus Smeatonia
Genus Sphaerospira
Genus Spurlingia 
Genus Stegodera 
Genus Tatemelon
Genus Thersites
Genus Tolgachloritis
Genus Torresitrachia
Genus Trachia
Genus Trachiopsis
Genus Trozena
Genus Turgenitubulus
Genus Ventopelita
Genus Vidumelon
Genus Westraltrachia
Genus Xanthomelon
Genus Yakuchloritis
Genus Zachrysia 

Amphidromus furcillatus Shell large,sinistral,yellowish white to yellowish green with brownish markings. Shell size:31-36 mm high,16-20 mm wide,about 7 whorls. On Bali,Java in forests and disturbed areas on limestone and volcanic soil.

Amphidromus perversus(Linnaeus,1758) Shell 38-60 mm high,22-28 mm wide,6-7 whorls,white to yellowish-brown with variable darker marking. In Sumatra to Bali in forests and disturbed areas on limestone and volcanic soil.

Amphidromus quadrasi(Hidalgo,1887) Shell about 30 mm,greenish yellow with brown spiral bands,the top is white,but this is a very variable species. In The Philippines and Indonesia.

Amphidromus sylheticus(Reeve,1849) Shell about 22 mm,greenish-yellow,without banding. In Assam,India.

Obba bigonia(Ferussac,1821) Shell about 25 mm,globose,whitish with two brown spiral bands,but variable. In The Philippines.

Obba horizontalis(Pfeiffer,1845) Shell about 40 mm,globose,aperture oval,brown or whitish brown with spiral bands. In The Philippines.

Obba listeri(Gray,1825) Shell about 30 mm,whitish groundcolor with brown flecks and spots. In The Philippines.

Obba mesai(Bartsch,1933) Shell about 30 mm,white with brown spots forming spiral banding. In The Philippines.

Obba moricandi(Pfeiffer,1842) Shell about 25 mm,whitish with brown spiral bands. In The Philippines.

Obba rota(Broderip,1841) Shell about 30 mm,ribbed with a serrated edge,whitish-brown with darker spiral bands. In The Philippines.

Thersites rawnesleyi(Cox,1873) Shell about 50 mm,globose,chestnut brown. In Australia(Queensland).

Chloritis transversalis Shell medium,a little transparent,pale brown,white or yellowish with without a brown band above the periphery,surface a little glossy.The peristome is white or very light brown. Shell size:9-11 mm high,12.5-19 mm wide,4.5-5 whorls. On Bali,Java and Madura on limestone rocks or dry coastal dunes.

Landouria rotatoria Shell medium,thin,brown or yellowish,surface glossy with ribs and a fine striation.The periostome is pale brown or whitish. Shell size:4.5-7.0 mm high,9-14 mm wide,4.5-5.5 whorls. On Bali,Sumatra,Borneo,Java,Sunda Island and The Philippines in forests and disturbed areas on limestone and volcanic soil in leaf litter,under wood,rocks and in grass.

Landouria winteriana As above but the spire is higher cone-shaped. Shell size:4.5-6 mm high,7-10 mm wide,5-6 whorls. On Bali,Nusa Penida,Sumatra to the Philippines and the Moluccas in forests and disturbed areas.

Zachrysia provisoria Pfeiffer,1858 Shell medium sized 25-30 mm wide with 4-5 whorls,thick and translucent showing the speckled mantle. Dark tan or yellowish brown in color,regular ribs are clearly visible. On the Bahamas, Barbados, Cayman islands, Cuba, Florida (Brevard, Broward, Collier, Dade, Hillsborough, Monroe, Palm Beach and Pinellas counties), Jamaica, Nevis, Mustique, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. It lives in leaf litter.

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pictures courtesy of Guido Poppe