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Superfamily Arionoidea
Family Charopidae
Genus Afrodonta
Genus Allocharopa 
Genus Allodiscus                    
Genus Annoselix                     
Genus Banea                    
Genus Biomphalopa                     
Genus Bischoffena                    
Genus Charopa                    
Genus Charopella                     
Genus Charopinesta                     
Genus Coenocharopa                     
Genus Cralopa                     
Genus Cryptocharopa                    
Genus Dentherona                     
Genus Dipnelix                     
Genus Discocharopa                     
Genus Dupucharopa                     
Genus Egilomen                     
Genus Elsothera                     
Genus Epinicium                     
Genus Flammocharopa                    
Genus Flammoconcha                    
Genus Flammulina                     
Genus Frustropa                     
Genus Gerontia                    
Genus Goweroconcha                     
Genus Gyrocochlea                     
Genus Gyropena                     
Genus Hedleyoconcha                    
Genus Lenwebbia                     
Genus Letomola                     
Genus Luinodiscus                     
Genus Mussonula                     
Genus Mystivagor                     
Genus Nautiliropa                     
Genus Ngairea                     
Genus Norfolcioconcha                    
Genus Omphaloropa                   
Genus Oreokera                     
Genus Oreomava                                        
Genus Pararhytida                     
Genus Penescosta                     
Genus Pernagera                    
Genus Pernastela                     
Genus Phacussa                     
Genus Phenacocharopa                     
Genus Pillomena                    
Genus Pilsbrycharopa                     
Genus Planilaoma                     
Genus Protoflammulina 
Genus Pseudallodiscus                     
Genus Pseudocharopa                    
Genus Pulcharopa                    
Genus Radiodiscus                     
Genus Ranfurlya                    
Genus Rhophodon 
Genus Roblinella                     
Genus Rotacharopa                    
Genus Setomedea                     
Genus Sinployea                                        
Genus Stenacapha                     
Genus Suteria                     
Genus Therasia                     
Genus Therasiella                    
Genus Thryasona                    
Genus Trachycystis

Trachystis ariel Preston,1910 Shell:Conical with up to 5 whorls,periphery a little angular,very faint axial ribbing.Colouring pale pinkish,diameter up to 5 mm. Habitat:Variable forest types,on tree trunks and on the undersides of leaves. Distribution:Kenya,Mozambique southwards into KwaZulu-Natal's coastal region to the Eshowe area and inland to Ngome Forest.

Trachystis glanvilliana Ancey,1893 Shell:conical but with a very low spire,surface smooth,colouring pale brownish to pale pinkish,translucent.Diameter 3-4.5 mm but variable. Habitat:Woodland,valley bushveld,wodland,coastal lowland and Podocarpus forest in leaflitter. Distribution:Eastern South-Africa;southern Cape to the eastern Cape,Transkei into KwaZulu-Natal to Eshowe and Majuba and into the Free State(Harrismith)

Trachystis inclara Morelet,1889 Shell:Conical with 5 whorls,surface somewhat shiny,umbilicus very narrow. Colouring pale brown,diameter up to 6.8 mm. Habitat:Forests on treetrunks and the underside of leaves. Distribution:Eastern South-Africa;Keurbooms River eastwards through Transkei and KwaZulu-Natal coast to Durban,inland to KwaZulu-Natal Drakensberg(central and north-west).

Trachystis loveni Krauss,1848 Shell:Low conical with rounded base,periphery somewhat angular,umbilicus narrow. With oblique axial riblets,which bear short bristles.These are lost after the death of the animal or with age.Colouring pale or golden brown.Diameter up to 13.1 mm. Habitat:Coastal lowland,dune,different forest types on treetrunks or in shrubs. Distribution:Eastern South-Africa;Zululand(Kosi Bay) south to Port St Johns, Transkei,inland to Pietermaritzburg and Kranskop.Also Lydenberg and Shiluwane.

Trachystis conisalea Melvill & Ponsonby,1892 Shell:More globular than other Trachystis snails with hairs,periphery rounded,with rows of pale, short bristles.Umbilicus narrow.Colour pale brown,translucent.Diameter up to 6.9 mm. Habitat:Forest and woodland. Distribution:Eastern South-Africa;KwaZulu-Natal.

Trachystis burnupi Melvill & Ponsonby,1892 Shell:Discoidal with a rounded periphery,surface somewhat glossy with closely set axial riblets.Colouring brownish yellow to pale golden brown.Diameter up to 10 mm. Habitat:Variable:woodland,forest,savanna in leaf-litter,under logs andaround tree trunks. Distribution:Eastern South-Africa;From the KwaZulu-Natal coast to northern Zululand,inland to the Creighton area,Dargle and Vryheid.

Trachystis aenea Krauss,1848 Shell:Similar to the above species but diameter larger,up to 13 mm,and umbilicus narrower. Habitat:Forests:scarp,coastal lowland and dune in leaflitter and under logs. Distribution:Eastern South-Africa;northern Pondoland to Hluhluwe and Maputo,to Dargle and Vryheid inland.

Trachystis subpinguis Connolly,1922 Shell:similar to T.glanvilliana but with a higher spire,up to 6 whorls. Colouring pale brown,translucent.Diameter up to 6.5 mm. Habitat:Forests on treetrunks,in leaflitter and under logs Distribution:Eastern South-Africa;KwaZulu-Natal through Transkei to the East London area,also in Shiluwane.

Afrodonta connollyi Solem,1970 Shell:conical with a very low spire,aperture with two lamallae,umbilicus wide. Colouring buff to pale ochre.Diameter up to 1.6 mm. Habitat:Forest and valley thicket in leaflitter and under logs. Distribution:Eastern South-Africa;Zululand to the Transkei border,inland to the Drakensberg foothills.

Afrodonta novemlamellaris Burnup,1912 Shell:helicid with a low spire,aperture with up 11 teeth,most of them situated at the outer lip.Colouring whitish to dark purple-brown.Diameter up to 1.45 mm. Habitat:Forest:scarp,Podocarpus forest(up to 1700 m) Distribution:Southern Africa.

Discocharopa aperta Shell very small,transparnet,whitish or creamish,surface glossy with many ribs. Shell size:up to 0.7 mm high,1.6 mm wide,up to 3.5 whorls. On Bali,Nusa Penida,Java,Borneo to Australia. In rain forests and disturbed areas,and coastal areas.