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Superfamily Clausilioidea
Family Clausiliidae:
sub-family Clausiliinae

Clausilia parvula(Ferrussac,1807) Shell:reddish brown or purplish,8-10.5 high x 2.0-2.5 mm wide. Habitat:woods,rocky slopes,old walls Area:Central-Europe

Clausilia bidentata(Ström,1765)Door Snail Shell:dark reddish brown or blackish,9-12 high x 2.3-2.7 mm wide. Habitat:between rocks,old walls,woods,shrubs Area:West-Europe

Clausilia dubia(Draparnaud,1805) Shell:dark reddish brown or blackish,11-14 high x 2.7-3.2 mm wide,10-11,5 whorls. There are a lot of sub-species. Habitat:damp shady rocks,old walls,up to 2400 mtrs in Switzerland Area:Central-Europe and in the North of England