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Superfamily Cochlicopoidea
Family Cochlicopidae
Genus Azeca                     
Genus Cochlicopa
Genus Cryptazeca 
Genus Hypnophila 

Cochlicopa lubrica(Müller,1774)Slippery Snail Shell is transparent,pale or dark-brown,5-7.5 mm high x 2.4-2.7 mm wide.5,5 whorls. North-America and Eurasia in swamps,grasslands and woods.

Cochlicopa lubricella(Porro,1838) Looks very much like C.lubrica but is smaller. Often in drier and more open areas than C.lubrica,but also in shady woods and moist grasslands.

Azeca goodalli(Férussac,1821)Three toothed snail Shell red-brown,transparent and glossy,6 mm high x 2.5 mm wide.6,5-7 whorls. In woods,under shrubs,on rocky places. West-Europe.