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Sub-class Prosobranchia
Superfamily Cyclophoroidea
Family Cyclophoridae
Genus Aulopoma 
Genus Chamalycaeus 
Genus Cipangocharax 
Genus Craspedotropis 
Genus Crossopoma 
Genus Cyclosurus 
Genus Dioryx 
Genus Mychopoma 
Genus Myxostoma 
Genus Nobuea 
Genus Pearsonia 
Genus Platyrhaphe 
Genus Pterocyclus 
Genus Rhiostoma 
Genus Scabrina 
Genus Theobaldius 
Genus Toffolettia 
Subfamily Cyclophorinae
Genus Afroditropis
Genus Alycaeus
Genus Chondrocyclus
Genus Cyathopoma
Genus Cyclophorus                   
Genus Cyclotus                    
Genus Ditropis  
Genus Japonia                     
Genus Leptopoma                    
Genus Ptychopoma           
Subfamily Spirostomatinae
Genus Spirostoma

Sub-family Cyclophorinae Alycaeus gibbosulos(Stoliczka,1872)

Cyclophorus expansus(Pfeiffer,1851)

Cyclophorus formosensis(Neville,1866)

Cyclophorus malayanus(Benson,1852) Shell about 6cm,brown. In Thailand.

Cyclophorus perdix(Benson,1852)

Cyclophorus semisulcatus(Sowerbyi,1843)

Cyclophorus siamensis(Sowerbyi,1843) Shell about 6cm,light brown with darker spots. In India.

Cyclophorus zebrinus(Benson,1836) Shell about 5cm,light- or dark-brown with lighter spots. In India.(Assam)

Cyclophorus involutus(Muller,1774) Shell about 3cm,chestnut brown with lighter or darker spiral bands and spots. In Sri Lanka.

Cyclotus reticulatus Shell medium size,whitish-yellow,blotched with brown,band with fewer markings near the periphery and a band with darker markings below it.Surface shiny,operculum with many whorls. Shell size:9-14 mm high,11-16 mm wide,4-5 whorls. In forests,disturbed areas(agricultural),on limestone soil in leaf litter.

Japonia ciliocinctum Shell small-medium size,thin,white to pale yellowish-brown,some to many dark brown blotches most distinct in the upper half of the whorls close to the suture. Often with a band of darker markings below the periphery.A spiral row of stiff hairs runs along the periphery.These fall easily off leaving pitted scars. Shell size;7.5-11 mm high,7.5-10 mm wide,5-6 whorls. On Bali and Java in forests,disturbed areas and coastal sites.On limestone and volcaic soil in leaflitter on sheltered and damp places.

Leptoma vitreum Shell medium size,thin,white,periostracum very thin. Shell size:14-18 mm high,12-19 mm wide,5-5.5 whorls.

Chamalycaeus kessneri Shell very small,solid,white or orange,surface dull with distinct narrow riblets. Shell size:2-2.5 mm high,3.25-3.5 whorls. On Bali and Nusa penida in forests on limestone soil.

Rhiostoma asiphon(Möllendorf,1893)

Rhiostoma chupingense(Tomlin,1936)

Rhiostoma samuiense(Tomlin,1931)