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Sub-class Prosobranchia
Family Cyclophoridae

Cyclophorus involutus(Muller,1774) Shell about 3cm,chestnut brown with lighter or darker spiral bands and spots. In Sri Lanka.

Cyclotus reticulatus Shell:medium size,whitish-yellow,blotched with brown,band with fewer markings near the periphery and a band with darker markings below it.Surface shiny,operculum with many whorls. Shell size:9-14 mm high,11-16 mm wide,4-5 whorls. Habitat:In forests,disturbed areas(agricultural),on limestone soil in leaf litter.

Japonia ciliocinctum Shell:small-medium size,thin,white to pale yellowish-brown,some to many dark brown blotches most distinct in the upper half of the whorls close to the suture. Often with a band of darker markings below the periphery.A spiral row of stiff hairs runs along the periphery.These fall easily off leaving pitted scars. Shell size:7.5-11 mm high,7.5-10 mm wide,5-6 whorls. Habitat:in forests,disturbed areas and coastal sites.On limestone and volcaic soil in leaflitter on sheltered and damp places. Distribution:Bali and Java

Leptoma vitreum Shell:medium size,thin,white,periostracum very thin. Shell size:14-18 mm high,12-19 mm wide,5-5.5 whorls.

Chamalycaeus kessneri Shell:very small,solid,white or orange,surface dull with distinct narrow riblets. Shell size:2-2.5 mm high,3.25-3.5 whorls. Habitat:in forests on limestone soil. Distribution:On Bali and Nusa penida

Rhiostoma asiphon(Möllendorf,1893)

Rhiostoma chupingense(Tomlin,1936)

Rhiostoma samuiense(Tomlin,1931)

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