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Superfamily Pupilloidea
Family Buliminidae

Ena obscura(Müller,1774)Lesser Bulin Shell brown,8 mm wide x 4 mm high. In woods,hedges,old walls,shady rocky places. Widely distributed in Europe,in the Alps up to 2000 mtrs or higher.

Ena Montana(Draparnaud,1801)Bulin Shell brown,15 mm wide x 6.5 mm high,it has 7-7,5 whorls. In woods on damp places. Widely spread in Central-Europe,the South of England and the Northeast of France.

Chondrula tridens(Müller,1774) Shell greyish or reddish brown,9-14 mm wide x 4-4,5 mm high,with 7-8 whorls. On grassy,sunny hillsides in warm areas,up to 2200 mtrs in The Alps. In the warmer regions of Central-Europe,Germany,Switzerland,around the Black Sea, Poland,Iran.

Zebrina detrita(Müller,1774) Shell with a white groundcolor,light or dark-brown stripes and spots, 17-27 mm wide x 9-12 mm high. It has 6,5-7,5 whorls. In dry,sunny spots on chalky soil. In The Mediterranean,Iran,Central-and Eastern Europe.