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Superfamily Achatinoidea
Family Ferussaciidae
Genus Amphorella
Genus Calaxis 
Genus Cecilioides  
Genus Coilostele 
Genus Cylichnidia 
Genus Ferussacia
Genus Hohenwartiana 

Ferussacia follicula(Gmelin,1790) Shell:Oval-shaped,pale brown-yellow,7-9 mm wide x 3-3.3 mm high. Habitat:under rocks,between roots under old walls Area:Very common in the Mediterranean.

Ceclioides acicula(Müller,1774)Blind snail Shell colorless,needle-shaped,5 mm wide x 1.2 mm high. The animal has a colorless body and no eyes. Under the ground,or between rocks. In The Mediterranean and Europe.