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Superfamily Limacoidea
Family Zonitidae:Sub-family Gastrodontinae

Zonitoides excavatus(Alder,1830) The shell is pale brown,yellowish or greenish,5.3-6 mm wide. Northwest Europe in woods or swamps.

Zonitoides nitidus(Müller,1774) Shell brown or pale brown,but it looks darker because of the body of the animal shining through,6-7 mm wide.With 4,5-5 whorls. Eurasia in swamps,along rivers or lakes.

Zonites algirus(Linnaeus,1758) Shell:pale greenish or yellowish brown,big umbilicus,30-50 mm. Habitat:woods,vineyards,old walls or rubbish tips. Area:From the Alpes-Maritimes to Hérault.