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Aestivation=during periods of hot and dry weather snails become inactive and seal
of their shells.They can survive for quite a long time without food and water.
Aperture=the opening in a shell.
Apex=the tip of a shell,the part that is first formed.

Canaliculate=with a groove or channel. Carinate=with one or more sharp ridges or edges on the shell surface. Class=category of Taxonomy between phylum and order. Columella=internal column in the shell. Conchology=the scientific study of molluscan shells and part of malacology Conical=cone-shaped. Convex=outward curving.

Denticle=a small tooth inside the aperture of a shell. Depressed=a shell with a form like a Helix snail,but flatter. Dextral=clockwise coiled. Dioecious=with seperate sexes. Discoidal=shaped like a disc Family=Taxonomic group of genera with the same characteristics. Foot=muscular part of the snail that is used for locomotion. Gastropoda=literally means stomach-foot.This is the largest group of molluscs containing land and freshwatersnails and marine snails. Genus=group of related species. Globose=sphere-shaped.

Hibernation=in the winter snails seal of their shells with a membrane made of slime. Hippostracum=most inner part of the shell,made out of calcium carbonate.

Lateral=at the side. Lip=edge of the aperture.

Malacology=the science of studying snails. Mantle=part of skin covering the viscera of mollusks.

Nucleus=the part that is first formed in a shell.

Operculum=calcareous or corneus plate on prosobranch snails for protection when the body is retracted in the shell Ostracum=intermediate layer in the shell,made out of calcium carbonate. Oviparous=egg-laying.

Parietal=part of the shell between columella and the suture formed by the preceding whorl uniting with the lip. Periostracum=thin layer covering the shell. Pneunostome=opening for breathing. Prosobranch=subclass of snails having an operculum. Pulmonate=group of snails breathing with lung-like organs.

Radula=is used to scrape food,it is formed by rows of teeth Spire=top of the shell. Suture=line on the shell where to whorls meet. Umbilicus=opening at the base of a shell. Viviparous=giving birth to live young. Whorl=one complete turn of the shell and an important determination point.