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Superfamily Helicoidea
Family Helicellidae

Genus Candidula  
Genus Cernuella  
Genus Cernuellopsis
Genus Cochlicella  
Genus Helicella
Genus Helicopsis  
Genus Monacha
Genus Paedhoplita
Genus Schileykiella
Genus Trochoidea  
Genus Xeropicta
Genus Xerosecta
Genus Xerotropis 

Candidula unifasciata(Poiret,1801) Shell whitish with a dark band,3-6 mm high x 5-9 mm wide. With 4-5 whorls,and a narrow umbilicus. In Western and Central Europe,on dry places,also in dunes.

Candidula intersecta(Poiret,1801)Wrinkled Snail Shell whitish or yellowish-white with dark bands and spots, 4-8 mm high x 7-13 mm wide. In West-Europe in dry places like dunes and grasslands.

Candidula gigaxii(Pfeiffer,1850)Eccentric Snail Shell depressed globose,white or yellowish-white with dark bands and/or spots, 4-8 mm high x 6-15 mm wide. In West-Europe in dry,chalky areas.

Cernuella cespitum(Draparnaud,1801) Shell:pale creamish-brown,dark-brown spots in spiral bands, 12-16 mm high x 18-26 mm wide. Habitat:dry sunny places Area:Very common.

Cernuella virgata(Da Costa,1778) Shell globose-depressed,white or yellowish-white with dark-brown bands or spots, 6-19 mm high x 8-25 mm wide,very variable. In West-Europe and the Mediterranean in dry,chalky places.

Cernuella jonica(Mousson,1854) Like C.virgata but smaller,6-9 x 8-12 mm. In the North-Eastern part of the Mediterranean in dunes.

Cernuella aginnica(Locard,1882) Shell yellowish-white with darker bands and/or spots,6-11 mm high x 8-18 mm wide. On dry places.

Cernuella neglecta(Draparnaud,1805) Shell white with one band,or more,8-20 mm width x 4-12 mm height,very variable. It has 5-6 whorls with a shallow suture. The body of the animal is grey or dark coloured. Wide-spread in Europe in dry sunny places,rocky areas,railway embankments and cultivated areas.

Cochlicella acuta(Müller,1774)Pointed snail. Shell is whitish or yellowish,slim coneshaped,with dark bands or spots, 10-20 mm high x 4-7 mm wide . 8-10 whorls. Along the Atlantic coast and in the Mediterranean in coastal areas.

Cochlicella barbara(Linnaeus,1758) Shell is whitish with light-brown spiral bands or whitish with faint spots. It is conical elongate and has 7-8 whorls. Less slim than C. acuta,8-12 mm high x 5-8 mm wide. Around the Mediterranean on dry places,especially dunes.

Cochlicella conoidea(Draparnaud,1801) Shell:conical,white with brown spiral bands,6-9 mm high x 5-7 mm wide. Habitat:dunes and dry places close to sea. Area:Common along the coast in the Mediterranean.

Helicella itala(Linnaeus,1758)Heath Snail Shell disc-shaped,whitish with dark-brown spiral bands,9-25 mm wide x 5-12 mm high. It has 5.5-6.5 whorls and a large umbilicus. In West-Europe on dry places.Up to 2000 mtrs in The Alps and Pyrenees.

Xerotrichia conspurcata(Helicella conspurcata,old name)(Draparnaud,1801) Shell brownish or whitish,spotty with faint bands,3-5 mm high x 5-8 mm wide. In the Western part of the Mediterranean in shady places.

Xerolenta obvia(Helicella obvia,old name)(Menke,1828) Shell variable:dark brown,or white with brown bands,10.5-20 mm wide x 5-10 mm high. It has 5-6 whorls. Lives on dry grassy hillsides,fields,road and railway embankments. From the Black Sea area to Germany.

Trochoidea elegans(Gmelin,1791) The shell is cone-shaped,white or whitish with dark spiral bands, 5-8 mm wide x 7-10 mm high. It has 6-7 whorls. In the Western part of the Mediterranean,North-Africa and England(Dover) on dry places like dunes,steppes and hillsides.

Helicopsis apicina(Lamarck,1822) Shell greyish white with brown spots and faint spiral bands,3-5 mm high x 6-9 mm wide. 4-5 whorls. Around the Mediterranean on not too dry places,under rocks or wood in cultivated area's.

Trochoidea pyramidata(Draparnaud,1805) Shell is conical,whitish with or without brown bands,8-15 mm wide x 5-11 mm high. With 5-6 whorls. On plants in warm,dry places along the coast and inland. In North-Africa and the Mediterranean.

Troichoidea trochoides(Poiret,1789) Shell:white with spiral-bands,has a sharp keel,5-7 mm x 5-7 mm. Habitat:dry warm places in dunes,along roads. Area:Common along the coast.