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Sub-class Prosobranchia
Superfamily Neritacea
Family Helicinidae
Genus Aphanoconia 
Genus Bourciera
Genus Calybium
Genus Ceratopoma
Genus Eutrochatella
Genus Geophorus
Genus Hemipoma
Genus Krebsia
Genus Mammilla  
Genus Ogasawarana
Genus Orobophana
Genus Pleuropoma
Genus Sulfurina
Subfamily Helicininae
Genus Alcadia
Genus Helicina
Subfamily Hendersoniinae
Genus Hendersonia
Genus Waldemaria 
Subfamily Proserpininae
Genus Prosperina  
Subfamily Vianinae
Genus Lucidella
Genus Stoastoma
Genus Viana  
Subfamily Ceratodiscinae
Genus Cerastodiscus  
Subfamily Proserpinellinae
Genus Ceres
Genus Linidiella
Genus Prosperpinella
Genus Staffola  

Hendersonia occulta(Say,1831) Shell width about 6.5 mm with 5.5 whorls,color orange-brown but variable.Aperture sub-triangular with white border and thick lip. In North-America. Photo:L.Watrous

Helicina orbiculata(Oligyra orbiculata)(Say,1818) Shell about 7mm with 5 whorls,color yellowish-brown with lighter bands. The lip is white and thick. In North-America;Texas to Florida,Illinois to Kentucky. Photo:L.Watrous

Helicina adspersa(Pfeiffer,1839) Shell about 2.5cm,yellowish-brown. In Cuba.

Viana regina(Morelet,1849) Shell about 2.5cm,whitish-brown. In Cuba.

Viana regina form marmorata(Torre,1950)

Viana regina form multistriata(Pfeiffer,1852)

Helicina and Viana photo'