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Family Helminthoglyptidae

Genus Cepolis Genus Epiphragmophora Genus Eremarionta Genus Helminthoglypta Genus Micrarionta Genus Monadenia Genus Polymita Genus Sonorella

Helminthoglypta tudiculata(Binney,1843) Shell globose,cinnamon-brown with darker bands Height 20.5-24.4 mm and width 27.7-33.4 mm with 5.5 whorls.. In Lower California to southern Oregon.

Helminthoglypta allyniana Shell rather thin,low conic to depressed globose with a narrow umbilicus,cinnamon brown turning to yellow brown near the umbilicus,with a dark brown band on the periphery and a yellow-brown band above an below. Height 20 mm and width 25.5-32 mm with 6 whorls. In California.

Helminthoglyta hertleini(Hanna & Smith) Shell thin and fragile,pale golden brown with a narrow brown band of lighter color. Height 12.5 mm and width 15.3-18.5 mm. In Oregon and California

Helminthoglypta arrosa(Gould,1855) Shell globose-conic,solid,reddish-olive and yellow with a brown band.Aperture round ovate and the umbilicus narrow. Height 18.7-28.5 mm and width 27-39.5 mm with 7 whorls. In the coast counties of California There are nine subspecies.

Monadenia fidelis color ochre with darker blotches or streaks,and a carob brown band above the periphery.Below the periphery a naples yellow or lighter band.Base chestnut brown often with pale radial streaks.Surface glossy. height 20-26.5 mm and widthh 31-38 mm with 6.5-6.75 whorls. In Alaska,BC,VI,WA,OR,CA

Monadenia infumata(Gould) Shell depressed with a low conic spire,periphery strongly angular.Color brown or darker. Surface matt,more glossy around the umbilicus. Height 21-22 mm and width 38-39.5 mm with 6-6.5 whorls. In California

Monadenia churchi(Hanna & Smith) Shell depressed with a low conic spire,color pale brown with a darker brown band on the periphery.Above and below there are lighter,cream colored bands. Height 11 mm and width 20 mm with 5.25 whorls. In California.

Monadenia mormonum(Pfeiffer) Shell conical depressed,thin,color pale reddish.A chestnut brown band runs along the periphery with on both sides a whitish band. Aperture oblique. Height 15.5-17 mm and width 30 mm with 6-6.25 whorls. In Callifornia.

Monadenia mormonum loweana Differs from M.mormonum by the dull surface and the appearance of very fine irregular spiral lines. The umbilicus is much wider.Color russet to cinnamon brown,with a dark shoulder band with on both sides a wider buff band. Height 14 mm and width 25.5 mm with 5.5 whorls. In California(Fresno County)

Monadenia hillebrandi(Newcomb) Shell depressed with an angular periphery and low conic spire.Color cinnamon brown or darker. On the periphery a brown band and on both sides a buff brown band.Surface matt. Aperture oblique,umbilicus wide. Height 11.3-13 mm and width 23.2-27 mm with 5.5-6 whorls. In California.

Micrarionta rufocincta(Newcomb) Shell depressed with a low conic spire,color cinnamon brown,with a narrow cinnamon-brown band on the periphery,on both sides a whitish band.Surface somewhat silky. Aperture truncate-oval. Height 11.3-15.5 mm and width 18.5-23.2 mm with 6.25-6.5 whorls. In California.