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1.A.Shell with truncated columella and blunt   apex:Archachatina  go to 2
  B.Shell with truncated columella and pointed apex:Achatina      go to 3
2.A.Shell slender with red apex and columella :Archachatina marginata suturalis
  B.Shell without red apex go to 4
3.A.Shell yellowish brown with dark zig-zag stripes,columella and parietal wall reddish,
  body with rough skin surface,backend of the body with a raised V.
  Achatina achatina
  B.Shell and body without these marks go to 5
4.A.Shell with a white or bluish-white outer lip, but an apricot-yellow columella     
  and parietal wall,apex yellowish white.
  Archachatina marginata ovum
  B.Shell without an apricot yellow columella go to 6
5.A.Shell yellowish brown with darker brown blotches,rough surface,body of the snail 
  light colored with head dark and lighter eyes
  Achatina reticulata
6.A.Shell with a white or bluish-white columella, parietal wall and outer lip.
  Archachatina marginata marginata
  B.Shell with reddish columella,parietal and lip go to 8
8.A.Shell with the columella, parietal wall,inner margin of outer lip (except for the  
  narrow edge) and the entire inside of the aperture to far back in the shell a deep   
  reddish color.
  Archachatina degneri
  B.Shell without inside of aperture a reddish color
  Archachatina ventricosa