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Family Ampullariidae
The snails of this genus have sinistral shells,but their bodies are dextral.
The shells are globose to ovoid or discoidal.

Lanistes alexandri(Bourguignat) Shell about 20 mm.From Tanzania

Lanistes bicarinatus(Germain) Shell about 40 mm,globose,chestnut with darker spiral bands. In Zaire.

Lanistes carinatus(Olivier,1804) Shell about 40 mm,subglobose to ovate,brownish with dark brown spiral bands. In Egypt to Sudan,Ethiopia and Somalia to Kenya and Uganda.

Lanistes ciliatus(v.Martens,1878) Shell about 32 mm,the umbilicus is large. In Kenya.

Lanistes congicus(Boettger,1891) Shell about 40 mm,globose with a low spire,light brownish with darker spiral bands. In the Congo,Angola and Zaire.

Lanistes ellipticus(v.Martens,1866) Shell about 50 mm,umbilicus wide,brownish green. In clear,flowing water from Zaire to Southeastern Africa.

Lanistes farleri(Craven,1880) Shell about 32 mm,spire high,with spiral ridges.Brownish with darker spiral bands. In Tanzania.

Lanistes graueri(Thiele,1911) Shell about 24 mm with an elevated spire.Chestnut brown with darker spiral bands. In Zaire.

Lanistes intortus(v.Martens,1877) Shell about 30 mm,globose,light brownish with small darker spiral bands,which form multiple broader spiral bands. This species lives in brackish water.

Lanistes libycus(Morelet,1848) Shell about 45-55 mm,globose,yellowish brown with darker spiral bands. In small forest streams from Gabon and the Ivory Coast to the north.

Lanistes nasutus(Mandahl-Barth,1972) Shell about 37 mm,thin,with a low spire. In Lake Malawi.

Lanistes neavei(Melville & Standen,1907) Shell about 25 mm,pale with darker spiral bands. In Zaire.

Lanistes nsendweensis(Dupuys & Putzeys,1901) Shell about 25 mm,spire high,dark brownish with spiral bands. This species lives in swampy areas and streams in forests. In Central-Africa and Zaire.

Lanistes nyassanus(Dohrn,1865) Shell about 75 mm,thick with a low spire and a large aperture. In Lake Malawi.

Lanistes solidus(Smith,1877) Shell about 40 mm,thick with a low spire,umbilicus narrow,brownish. In Lake Malawi.

Lanistes varicus(Müller,1774) Shell variable,from 35 to 65 mm.yellowish brown. In shallow pools in Ghana,Mali,Upper Volta and Niger.