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Slug species
Family Limacidae

All the species in this Family have a little calcareous shell enclosed by the mantle.They posses a keel and have a foot which is often separated into three longitudinal areas.In the sub-family Parmacellinae the shell is spiral and not totally enclosed by the mantle or flat and enclosed(Milax). The pneumostome is situated in the middle of the body.Between it and the right tentacle the genital opening is located.A keel runs form the end of the mantle to the tailend.

Sub-family Limacinae

Limax maximus(Linnaeus,1758)Great Grey Garden slug The coloring is variable,dark grey to whitish.The mantle-shield is dark spotted. There are 2-3 longitudinal dark bands or rows of spots on both sides.The tentacles are pale pinkish brown. The shield covers a third of the body.The sole is whitish and mucus is colorless. Length is 100-200 mm. The mating ritual of this species is very spectacular.Hanging in midair on a thread of mucus two slugs fertilize eachother. Eggs are 5 x 5.5 mm,laid in clusters of up to 30,light amber,soft and translucent. The laying can start in mid-February.Eggs hatch in 6.5 weeks,depending on the weather.Young slugs are pale grey and translucent. In woods,thickets,parks,gardens,cellars and greenhouses. In Europe,Asia minor,Algeria and the Atlantic Islands but also introduced in other continents.

Limax cinereoniger(Wolf,1803) Is one of the biggest slugs.It grows up to 200 or 300 mm and has a dark shield.The rest of the animal is a blue-ish black,but can be variable. There are 3 pairs of stripes or rows of spots. From the tail it has a keel over a third of the body.Mucus is white and the sole white with black edges. In woods or hillsides in Europe.

Limax flavus(Linnaeus,1758) About 70-100 mm long and is,as its name says,a yellowish grey.The mantle-shield is dark yellowish-green,yellow spotted. It has light yellow and light grey spots and has a light yellow keel.The tentacles are steel blue.Sole pale yellow,and mucus yellow. The eggs are 6 x 4 mm,translucent and pale amber.They are lemon shaped. They are laid in late summer and winter months and hatch 3-6 weeks.Young slugs are 10-13 mm,pale greenish yellow with blue tentacles. This slug is usually found in gardens,cellars,drains and outhouses In South- and West-Europe,but also introduced to other continents.

photo:John Capinera,University of Florida

Limax(Malacolimax) tenellus(M�ller,1774) Is about 25-35 mm long and yellow with a orange mantle-shield.Its head has a darker color. The shield covers about half or a third of the body.It lives for one year only in woods,where it feeds on mushrooms.Mucus is yellow. The eggs are 3.3-3.6 x 3 mm,soft,translucent and pale amber in color.From November to March they are laid in clusters of circa 15.They hatch in 60-120 days. Young slugs are 6 mm,white translucent with pale violet grey tentacles. In North- and Central-Europe.

Lehmannia marginata(M�ller,1774) Is about 75 mm long and has a shield which covers a third of the body.The animal is grey or a reddish grey and has a light stripe on the back.On both sides runs a dark zone. Head and tentacles darker.Shell 4 x 2.7 mm. Its sole is colored light and mucus is colorless and watery. In lowlands and hilly country in Europe.

Lehmannia valentiana(F�russac,1823) About 48-75 mm inches long and a yellow grey or purple.It lives in warehouses or gardens.

Family Agriolimacidae Deroceras laeve(Agriolimax laevis)(M�ller,1774) Small slug,about 17-25 mm long,dark-brown with darker spots,tentacles dark. Shell 2.75 x 1.5 mm. Eggs are variable in size:1.8-2 mm x 1.3-1.5 mm,translucent laid in clusters or single. They hatch in 4-5 weeks.Young slugs are 4 mm,whitish translucent,with a pinkish brown head and tentacles. The sole is pale brown,mucus colorless. North-America,Europe and Eurasia in damp places like swamps,riverbanks and woods.

photo:Paul Choate,University of Florida,entomology department

Deroceras sturanyi(Simroth,1894) About 3-4 cm long,pale creamy or dark-brown,the shield covers half the body.The sole is pale and the mucus thin and colorless. On damp places and in gardens.

Deroceras panormitanum(Lessona & Pollonera,1882) (also known as Agriolimax caruanae?) Animal dark,transparent,grey-brown or grey with a paler mantle shield,some dark-brown flecks.The sole is grey and mucus colorless. Length 25-30 mm.Shell 4.5 x 2 mm. In gardens,fields,hedges and waste sites. In Great-Brittain,South-Ireland,Malta,Marseilles and Canary Islands.

Agriolimax agrestis(Deroceras agreste) Animal pale grey yellow,paler on the flanks,sometimes with whitish or some dark spots. Length about 30 mm. Lives in more moist habitats than A.reticulatus.

Deroceras reticulatus(Agriolimax reticulatus)(M�ller,1774) Up to 60 mm long,pale creamish,brownish or slate colored with dark spots. The sole is pale and the mucus white and sticky. Eggs are 3 mm x 2.5 mm,whitish,translucent,and laid in clusters of 10-20(or more). Hatching time is three weeks.Young slugs are 4 mm,whitish translucent. Common in Europe in gardens and fields.Also in Asia,north Africa and introduced elsewhere. photo:John Capinera,University of Florida