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Superfamily Helicoidea
Family Helicellidae

Monacha cartusiana(Müller,1774) Shell is a creamy white or a reddish brown,6-10 mm high x 9-17 mm wide. It has 5,5-6,5 whorls. Around the Mediterranean,South-Europe, but also in Belgium,Germany and Holland. On dry sunny places,in hedges,grasslands.

Monacha cantiana(Montagu,1803)Kentish snail. Shell is creamy white,around the mound darker,11-14 mm high x 16-20 mm wide. North-West Europe and the Mediterranean in hedges,shrubbery and dunes.

Monacha granulata(Alder,1830) Shell glossy and thin,whitish or pale-brown,covered with small hairs, 5-7 mm high x 7-9 mm wide. On the British Isles in damp shady places.

Monacha olivieri(Férrusac,1821) Shell reddish brown or whitish with white stripes,8-20 mm wide x 6-13 mm high. On damp places like ditches,along the coast and in fields. In Southern Italy,The Balkan and Syria.