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Superfamily Neritoidea
Family Neritidae

Neritina canalis(Sowerby,1825) Shell:Brown-black,aperture orange-red Operculum:Pale orange with black radial striation,red horn border. Habitat:Rivers and streams on stones. Area:New Guinea,Solomon Islands,Fiji,Samoa,French Polynesia, New Caledonia,Vanuatu Image:Baroque cabinet

Neritina macgilliuvraji(Reeve,1855) Shell:Brown-balck,aperture white-blue. Operculum:Orange-pink,with a very wide red orange horn border. Habitat:Stones and rocks in fast flowing streams. Area:South-East Asia,New Caledonia,Solomon Islands,Fiji,Samoa.

Neritina petitii(Recluz,1841) Shell:Brown,aperture dark pink purple. Operculum:pink,with dark radial stripes,dark red horn border. Habitat:Streams and rivers on stones and boulders. Area:South-East Asia,Solomon Islands,Vanuatu,Fiji,Samoa,Guam,Ponape. F

Neritina porcata(Gould,1847) Shell:Olive-brown,aperture orange. Operculum:cream with dark radial stripes and a wide dark red horn border. Habitat:Stones in streams near the sea. Area:Solomon Islands,Vanuatu,New Caledonia,Fiji,Samoa.

Neritina pulligera(Linnaeus,1767) Shell:Brown,aperture yellow orange. Operculum:cream with black radial stripes and a red horn border. Habitat:Stones or dead leaves in fast flowing streams or deep ponds. Area:Madagascar,Andoman Islands,South-East Asia,Taiwan, North- and South Pacific Islands.

Neritina squamaepicta(Récluz,,1843) Shell:Yellow-green with dark lines,aperture white grey. Operculum:black with a narrow red horn border. Habitat:Stones in streams not far from the sea. Area:South-East Asia,Solomon Islands,New Caledonia,Vanuatu,Fiji. F

Neritina tahitiensis(Lesson,1830) Shell:Brown with red or black lines,aperture white blue. Operculum:cream with red brown horn border. Habitat:Stones in mouth of streams often in brackish water. Area:Philippines,Solomon Islands,Fiji,New Caldonia,Vanuatu,Samoa, French Polynesia.

Neritina turrita(Gmelin,1791) Shell:Black with brown-yellow stripes,aperture cream yellow. Operculum:cream pink with a narrow red horn border. Habitat:In mud or on stones near the mouth of streams and rivers often in brackish water. Area:South-East Asia,Taiwan,Solomon Islands,Fiji,Samoa,French Polynesia, Guam. Image:Mike's shells

Neritina turtoni((Récluz,,1843) Shell:Shiny,black with yellow-orange zig-zag stripes,aperture orange-red. Operculum:smooth whitish with a narrow orange horn border. Habitat:Near the mouth of rivers,often in mud in brackish water. Area:South-East Asia,New Guinea,Vanuatu,Fiji.

Neritina variegata(Lesson,1831) Shell:Variable,olive,yellow-orange with black markings,aperture white. Operculum:white black,no horn border. Habitat:Stones and rocks in rivesr and streams in slow and fast water. Area:South-East Asia,Solomon Islands,Vanuatu,Samoa,Guam,Ponape,Truk. Image:Guido Poppe

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