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Superfamily Bulimuloidea
Family Odontostomidae
Genus Anctus 
Genus Anostoma  
Genus Cyclodontina
Genus Hyperaulax
Genus Odontostomus
Genus Tomigerus 
Family Urocoptidae
Genus Amphicosmia
Genus Anoma
Genus Apoma
Genus Archegocoptis
Genus Autocoptis
Genus Brachypodella
Genus Cochlodinella
Genus Coelocentrum
Genus Gongylostoma
Genus Hendersoniella
Genus Idiostemma
Genus Macroceramus
Genus Pycnoptychia
Genus Spartocentrum
Genus Tetrentodon
Genus Torrecoptis
Subfamily Urocoptinae
Genus Urocoptis
Subfamily Eucalodiinae
Genus Eucalodium
Subfamily Holospirinae
Genus Holospira 

Family Odontostomidae Odontostomus odontostomus(Sowerby,1824) About 3,8 cm in height,light brown with a thick white lip and teeth. In Bahia,Brazil.

Anctus laminiferus(Ancey,1888) About 2 cm in height,white with brown stripes,the mouth is long and narrow. In Bahia,Brazil.

Cyclodontina exesus(Spix,1827) About 3,8 cm in height,whitish brown,the mouth is oval and has teeth. In Bahia,Brazil.

Anostoma octodentatus(Fischer,1807) About 2,4 cm,light brown with darker spiral bands. The form depressum(Lamarck,1822) is sometimes described as a species. Eastern Brazil.

Family Urocoptidae

A large group of snails with elongated shells which lose their spires. They live in the West-Indies,Mexico,Central-America and the southern U.S.

Holospira roemeri(Pfeiffer) Shell cylindric,thin,color pale brown,surface a little glossy.Aperture oblique. Lenghth 13-15.7 mm and width 3.8-4.5 mm with 11-14 whorls. In Texas and New Mexico.

Holospira pasonis(Dall) Shell cylindrical,color white.Aperture circular. Length 22.3 -24.7 mm In Texas and Mexico.

Holospira ferrissi(Pilsbry) Shell cylindrcal,short,thin,color pale brownish.Aperture rounded. Length 7.5-9 mm and width 3 mm with 9.5-11 whorls. In Arizona.

Holospira hamiltoni(Dall,1897) About 2,4 cm long,white,sigar-shaped. In Brewster Co,Texas.

Urocoptis vignalensis(Wright,in Pfeiffer,1864) About 2,4 cm long,brownish white,ribbed. In Pinar del Rio,Cuba.

Urocoptis cylindrus(Dillwyn,1817) About 2,5 cm long,chocolate brown,aperture round. In Jamaica.

Tetrentodon palenquensis(Jaume & Torre,1972) About 1 cm long. In Cuba.

pictures courtesy of Femorale

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