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Superfamily Achatinelloidea
Family Achatinellidae
Genus Achatinella
Genus Auriculella
Genus Elasmias
Genus Gulickia
Genus Lamellidea
Genus Newcombia
Genus Partulina
Genus Perdicella
Genus Philopoa
Genus Tornatellaria
Genus Tornatellides
Genus Tornatellinops
Subfamily Achatinellinae
Genus Achatinella
Subfamily Tornatellininae
Genus Tornatellina
Subfamily Strobilinae
Genus Strobilina

Family Partulidae

Partula faba(Gmelin,1791) About 2,5 cm long,chestnut brown with,faint,broad,lighter bands.The lip is thick. Like all Partulidae this snail is ovoviviparous. Society islands,Polynesia.

Partula gibba(Férussac,1821) about 1,7 cm long,yellowish brown or darker,with a white lip. In dense forests in hills on Guam and Mariannas Island.

Partula radiolata(Pfeiffer,1846) About 1,8 cm long,whitish brown or darker,with a white lip. In Guam and Mariannas Island.

Partula salifana(Crampton,1925) About 2,3 cm long,chestnut brown with a white lip. In Saipan Island and Mariannas Island.

Partula varia(Broderip,1832) About 1,7 cm long,yellowish brown with a dark brown top. In Huaheine and Society Islands.