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Family Philomycidae

A Family of mostly tropical slugs from Japan,China,Java to tropical America, but some species are established up into Canada. Meghimatium and Incilaria are the Oriental genera,Philomycus and Pallifera the American ones.

Philomycus carolinianus(Bosc,1802) The body of the animal can be slate grey or brownish with dark spots,the foot and the fringes are white.It can reach 10 cm in length. The Philomycus species have a calcified stimulating organ(like the dartsac in some snailgenera)placed laterally on the vagina. The slugs feed on funghi in humid woods or lowlands. In Maine to Florida and Iowa to Texas. Philomycus carolinianus flexuolaris(Raffinesque,1820) is a form from Virginia.

Pallifera ragsdalei(Webb) Pilsbry thought that this was the same species as Philomycus carolinianus flexuolaris. Although Webb's opinion was that it was a subspecies of Pallifera wetherbyi,while Branson named it a species. The head of the animal is white,the tentacles bluish,the rest of the body grayish brown with vague marks.It's size is up to 100 mm.

Pallifera marmorea(Pilsbry) A smaller slug,19-25 mm,dark grey in color with greyish-brown markings,head white, tentacles blue-black.

Pallifera fosteri Smaller(17-22 mm)than P.marmorea,whitish or light tan in color with large black spots concentrated near the center,and the sides making it almost like a line. Tentacles dark-grey,foot broad and yellowish white,except on the sides which are brown.

Pallifera tournescalis(Branson) Size about 18 mm,color of the pale tan fading to white,with light-grey specks and spots,which form eight lines on the back half of the body.Tail black and pointed.Head,foot and body whitish with a black marking behind the tentacles.