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Pila africana(Martens,1886) Shell about 50 mm,dark-brown with dark spiral bands. In small,shadowed streams in forests from Liberia to Ghana. Also in Zaire and Sierra Leone.

Pila cecillei(Philippi,1841) Shell is large,about 70 mm.In Madagascar in swamps,rice paddies and rivers.

Pila occidentalis(Mousson,1887) Shell medium sized,about 40 mm,pale with chestnut-brown bands. In Angola,Namibia and Botswana.

Pila ovata(Olivier,1804) Shell very large,about 115 mm,light-brown to reddish olive. Very common on the beaches of Lake Victoria.This species can be found from Egypt to Kenya and East-Africa to Mozambique. *

Pila wernei(Philippi,1851) Shell very large,about 125 mm.Brown to olive green with reddish spiral bands. Common in Somalia,Kenya,Mali to Egypt *

Pila ampullacea(Linnaeus,1758) Shell about 90-100 mm high and 85-90 mm wide,bright-green to orange-brown with reddish spiral bands. This species lives in ditches,swamps and irrigation canals.They estivate from November to June. In South-East Asia. *

Pila pesmei(Morelet,1889) Shell variable in size,29-33 mm high and 25-31 mm wide.Pale olive green to brown,with darker spiral bands and 4-5 whorls. This species lives in canals,swamps and ditches. In Cambodia,India and Thailand.

Pila angelica(Annandale) Shell large,75 mm,chestnut-brown or greenish brown with dark-brown spiral bands.The shell is globose with a low spire and thin. There are four whorls. This snail prefers deeper waters,flowing or calm . In Thailand.

Pila polita(Deshayes,1830) Of this species two forms exist:one with a low spire which is the largest one, 80-95 mm high and 70-80 mm wide.And one with a high spire,60-70 mm high and 45-55 mm wide.Brown to olive green and with 6 whorls. This species prefers irrigation canals,swamps and ditches. In Asia.

Pila gracilis(Lea) Shell about 46 mm,ovate-conical or globose,chestnut-brown or greenish brown with dark spiral bands. This snail lives in shallow,calm water in Thailand.

Pila globosa(Swainson,1822) Shell is very variable,30 mm to 60 mm high,olive green to yellowish brown. In India.

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