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The Subclass Pulmonata

Family Orthalicidae In this family you find the colorful treesnails.They live in South-America, Central-America and the Southeast of North-America. The Liguus Tree snails feed on algae and lichens.There are about five or six species, but many colorforms.Their colorfulness made them very attractive for shellcollectors, which is why they are now protected by law in Florida. They usually are about 5 cm or 2" long.

Family Amphibulimulidae Sluglike snails living in South-America or the West Indian islands.They are about an inch long and bright green or brownish yellow. Family Urocoptidae About 2000 species are in this family of small elongated snails.They are to be found in the West Indies,Mexico,Central-America and the South of North-America.

Suborder Aulacopoda

Superfamily Endodontoidea Family Helicodiscidae A family of snails with disc-shaped shells living in the America's. Family Endodontidae A wide spread family mostly living on tropical islands. Family Discidae Mostly in the America's living snails. Family Zonitidae A large family living worldwide.

Superfamily Limacoidea In this Superfamily is also the family Limacidae,with Milax and Limax slugs. Family Helicarionidae A large family with many different types of snails.

Suborder Holopoda

Superfamily Polygyroidea Family Polygyridae A group of snails living in North-America with globose,brown shells. About 260 species. Family Thysanophoridae Snails with disc-shaped shells,in the south of North-America,South-America,Mexico and the West-Indies.

Superfamily Oleacinoidea Family Sagdidae Snails living in the tropical America's with beehive shaped shells. Family Oleacinidae Grounddwelling carnivorous snails living in the tropical America's. Shells are brown with a glossy surface.

Superfamily Helicoidea In this Superfamily are many well known snails like the Helix and Cepaea species. There are six families living worldwide. Family Camaenidae A large family with many colorful snails,they live in Australasia,The America's and Southeast Asia. Subfamily Papuininae These are the colorfull treesnails of New Guinea,Melanesia and Australia. Family Xanthonycidae The colorfull Polymita of Cuba belongs to this family. Family Bradybaenidae A widespread family of snails with species living in Europe,The Philippines and East Asia. Subfamily Helicostylinae Large,colorfull treesnails living in The Philippines.As is the case with all tree snails they are endangered because of the destruction of their habitat. Family Helicidae A well known large family with the Helix and Cepaea species in it.

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