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Family Punctidae
Genus Allenella 
Genus Christianoconcha
Genus Excellaoma
Genus Gratilaoma
Genus Hydrophrea
Genus Insullaoma
Genus Iotula
Genus Laoma
Genus Laomarex
Genus Laomavix
Genus Laomopa
Genus Magilaoma
Genus Miselaoma
Genus Obanella
Genus Paralaoma
Genus Pasmaditta
Genus Pedicamista
Genus Pleuropunctum
Genus Punctum
Genus Semilaoma
Genus Trocholaoma
Genus Turbolaoma
Genus Westralaoma 

Paralaoma caputspinulae Shell very small,a little transparent,yellowish or brown,surface glossy with widely spaced ribs and finer riblets in between. Shell size:up to 1.6 mm high,2.4 mm wide,up to 4 whorls. On Bali,widespread from South-Europe and Africa to New Zealand and Tasmania.