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General safety

When you start working on electrical devices it is important to follow a few general safety rules.The golden one is probably: never work on an electrical machine while it is still plugged in. Yes,that should be obvious,but accidents still happen that way. After you opened the device you are working on it's good to familiarize yourself with the different parts. Especially things like capacitors(more over those later)and the anode connection on CRT's are hazards to be aware of. For our purpose we don't really need to remove separate parts from PCB's for example,but in case you want to salvage certain parts I'll tell something about the dangers of capacitors and CRT's.

Capacitors A capacitor is an electrical device that can store energy and is present in most electrical equipment.Because they remain charged when disconnected from the power supply even after a long time they can be dangerous. So,the best thing is to avoid making contact with it:you wouldn't want to be the target of a 400 V capacitor discharging!

CRT's Cathode Ray Tubes are what we refer to when we talk about TV or computer screens.There are several health hazards connected with those. Stay clear of the suction cup which is located on the back of the CRT unless you know how to safely discharge the CRT. As usual several capacitors can be found on the PCB,avoid these and you should be safe. Generally speaking the risk of implosion is very small,nevertheless you have to be careful when you are carrying a CRT.Always keep the smaller end away from you.