Slugs Prefer.....In 1987, Colorado State University Entomology Professor Whitney Cranshaw had his students conduct a test for the beverage most favored by local slugs:
Here's the results of that experiment. Note Budweiser was chosen as the test standard and the number of slugs choosing bud represented one Bud Unit  Kingsbury Malt Beverage was the winner!

If you live out West look for Dr. Cranshaw's excellent book "Pests of the West."

Beverage Preference Rate
Bud Light .89
Budweiser 1.00
Coors .56
Coors Light .79
Fort Collins CO tap water .06
Gallo Pink Chablis .09
Kingsbury Malt Beverage 1.14
Michelob 1.04
Miller .68
Miller Lite .57
Old Milwaukee .81
Schaefer .69
Sugar-water and yeast .57


table courtesey of Golden Harvest Organics


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