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Snailpoetry by Andrew Roberts

Nacktschnecke, or Slug on the Banks of Green Willows.

Gliding, The beautiful body Of the naked snail Endears the earth. Smelling, My body Contaminates Existence. Intense self hatred. A vehicle takes my body For burning. Death. Decontamination. Last time someone has to touch me. The earth is cleaned. The beautiful body Of the naked snail Endears the earth, As green willows grow In memorial to my non-existence.

Schneckenhause (snail house) and the curious snail

The curious snail was feeling the world with his foot, his feelers and his long eyes when he sensed disaster and rapidly withdrew his soft self into his hard shell, and repelled the outside by filling the opening with emotional foam. When winter comes he will hibernate with a thick membrane across that opening. But now is the time for cautious exploration. Soon a feeler, an eye, a foot tentatively emerge from the foam to see what is going on.

(c)by Andrew Roberts

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