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Sub-Class Prosobranchia
Order Mesogastropoda
Superfamily Littorinacea

Family Pomatiasidae
Genus Leonia
Leonia jolyi                               Leonia mammillaris
Genus Otopoma
Genus Tudorella
Subfamily Cyclotopsinae
Genus Cyclotopsis
Subfamily Pomatiasinae
Genus Georgia
Genus Guillainia 
Genus Lithidion
Genus Pomatias
Genus Tropidophora

Tropidophora pulchella

Tropidophora ligata Muller,1774 Shell:Turbiniform,smooth.Colour can vary but often whitish with a wide peripheral dark-brown band with other bands above it. Length about 20 mm. Habitat:Dune forest,lowland,forest,woodland,thicket and savanna. Distribution:Madagascar,Mauritius,East-Africa to eastern South-Africa.

Tropidophora insularis Pfeiffer,1852 Shell:Similar to T.ligata but with spiral ridges covering the whole shell,these are crossed by fine axial threads.Colour is light brown to yellowish,orange or pinkish with a number of darker spiral bands. Length about 20 mm. Habitat:Variable:forest to savanna living in leaflitter or on treetrunks. Distribution:Kenya,Zimbabwe towards the Limpopo Province,Kruger National Park,the eastern Cape, along the coast from Port St.Johns to Kosi Bay,inland to Weenen and Nottingham Road.

Pomatias elegans Müller,1774Round-Mouthed snail The shell is cone-shaped with 4.5-5 whorls,yellowish or brown-greyish with dark spots or bands.The pattern can be variable. The sole of the body is split lengthwise and the parts can be moved separatedly. In West-Europe and the Mediterrean in parks,hedges,rocky slopes. This snail prefers shady and moist habitats with soil in which it can burrow. Although it also has been seen active in the sun on dry hills.

Pomatias sulcatus Draparnaud,1801 Shell:yellowish or reddish brown,looks like a big P.elegans,16-20 x 12-15 mm. Habitat:In coastal regions,rocky places Distribution:Between Cap Couronne and Toulon(France)

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