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Superfamily Streptaxoidea
Family Streptaxidae
Genus Diaphera
Genus Discartemon
Genus Edentulina
Genus Elma
Genus Eustreptaxis
Genus Gibbus
Genus Gonaxis
Genus Gonidomus
Genus Gulella
Genus Haploptychius
Genus Indoennea
Genus Odontartemon
Genus Sinistrexcisa 
Genus Sinoennea
Genus Streptaxis

Edentulina ovoidea(Bruguiere,1789) The shell is 31,5 mm high and 16 mm wide with 7 whorls. The snails live in The Comores,Madagascar and East-Africa.

Gonaxis kibweziensis(Smith,1894) The height of the shell is 18-20 mm,the width 14-16 mm. picture courtesy of:Bishop museum This snail comes originally from West-Africa but has been introduced in other parts of the world to control the Giant African Landsnail.Unfortunatly the snails also eat the native snail population.

Gulella bicolor(Hutton,1834) Shell thin,a little transparent,white or yellowish This carnivorous snail from India and Asia has been introduced elsewhere. The shell has a height of 5-8 mm and a width of 2 mm. picture courtesy of:Bishop museum