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Superfamily Pupilloidea
Family Vertiginidae

Genus Bothriopupa Genus Boysidia Genus Chaenaxis Genus Cylindrovertilla Genus Gastrocopta Genus Gyliotrachela Genus Hypselostoma Genus Lyropupa Genus Negulus Genus Ptychalaea Genus Pupisoma Genus Somniopupa Genus Staurodon Subfamily Vertigininae Genus Vertigo Subfamily Nesopupinae Genus Nesopupa Genus Sterkia Subfamily Truncatellininae Genus Columella Genus Truncatellina

Nesopupa malayana Shell very small,a little translucent,pale brown,surface glossy with radial ribs and a pitted surface.The aperture has 5 small teeth. Shell size:1.6-2.1 mm high,0.9-1.1 mm wide,4.5-5 whorls. On Bali,India,Thailand,The Philippines,Java,Timor and Australia.Wide spread. In coastal areas,but also further inland in forests,disturbed areas and on cliffs.

Nesopupa nannodes Shell very small,thin,dark-brown,surface glossy with radial ribs.The aperture has 5 teeth. Shell size:1.3-1.6 mm high,0.8-0.9 mm wide,4-4.5 whorls. On Bali,Nusa Penida,Java and The Philippines in coastal habitats but also further inland.In forests,disturbed areas on limestone soil or calcerous sand.

Pupisoma circumlitum Shell very small,thin,transparent,pale brown,surface glossy with fine riblets. Shell size:up 1.9 mm high,2.0 mm wide,up to 3.25 whorls. On Bali,Malaysia to Australia in forests and disturbed areas on limestone and volcanic soil..

Pupisoma orcella Shell very small,thin,transparent,pale brown,surface glossy with widely spaced ribs and finer riblets.Umbilicus closed to open. Shell size:up to 2.0 mm high,2.1 mm wide,up 3.5 whorls. On Nusa Penida,Thailand,Malaysia,Borneo,Philippines,,Java,Sumbawa and Tanimbar Islands in forests and disturbed areas,and coastal areas on limestone and volcanic soil.

Pupisoma orcula Shell very small,thin,transparent,pale brown,surface glossy with fine riblets. Shell size:up to 2 mm high,1.8 mm wide,3.5 whorls. On Bali,common in Africa,Asia,Pacific and Australia in forests,disturbed areas, roadsides and coastal areas.

sub-family Truncatellinae Columella edentula(Draparnaud,1805) Shell:cylindrical,with 5,5-6,5 whorls.2,5-3 mm high x 1,3-1,5 mm wide.It is thin and transparent,pale yellowish brown. Habitat:swamps,woods,grasslands. Area:Eurasia. image copyright:Robert Forsyth

Columella columella(Martens,1830) Shell:cylindrical,with 7,5 whorls.2,7-3,3 mm high x 1,3-1,5 mm wide.pale greenish, it is fragile and transparent. Habitat:wet grasslands,damp woods.In The Alps up to 2900 mtrs. Area:North-Scandinavia,Swiss Alps,South-Germany.

Columella aspera(Waldén,1966) Shell:like C.eduntula but shorter and wider,6 whorls.Greenish and less glossy than C.eduntula. Habitat:woods,grasslands. Area:Eurasia.

Truncatellina cylindrica(Férussac,1807) Shell:cylindrical with 5,5-6 whorls.1,8-2 mm high x 0,9 mm wide,goldenbrown with radial ribs. Habitat:dry limestone areas,rocky slopes,sanddunes. Area:South- and West-Europe.

Truncatellina callicratis(Scacchi,1833) Shell:cylindrical,with 5,5-6 whorls.1,8-2 mm high x 0,9 mm wide.Usually with 3 teeth,but can be variable. Habitat:dry limestone terrain Area:South-Europe,around The Mediterranean,South-England.

Truncatella guerinii(Villa & Villa,1841) Shell:cylindrical,height 6-10 mm x width 2-4 mm. Habitat:in leaflitter close to the seashore. Area:In the Indo-Pacific.

Sub-family Vertigininae

Vertigo pusilla(Müller) Shell:elongate,sinistral with 5 whorls.2 mm high x 1,1 mm wide,6 to 9 teeth, pale yellowish brown. Habitat:dry places,between rocks,walls,leaflitter in parks. Area:Widely spread.

Vertigo antivertigo(Draparnaud,1801) Shell:oval with 5 whorls,2-2,2 mm high x 1,2 mm wide,mouth with 6-10 teeth, dark chestnut brown. Habitat:marshy places,along riverbanks and lakes. Area:Eurasia.

Vertigo substriata(Jeffreys,1833) Shell:elongate with 4,5 whorls and a deep suture.1,7 mm high x 1,1 mm wide,mouth with 5-6 teeth.Pale brown with fine radial ribs. Habitat:damp places,woods,marshes,dunes,along lakes. Area:Central- and North-Europe.

Vertigo pygmaea(Draparnaud,1801) Shell:oval or elongate with 5 whorls.1,7-2,2 mm high x 1-1,2 mm wide,mouth with 4-7 teeth.Pale to dark brown. Habitat:short grassland,dry limestone areas,in dunes,,also in damp places Area:Europe,Eurasia and North-America.

Vertigo modesta(Say,1824) Shell:elongate with 5 whorls and a deep suture,3 teeth.2,2-2,7 mm high x 1,4 mm wide. Pale yellowish brown. Habitat:damp,shadowy places in limestone mountains,under rocks and in leaflitter. Area:North-America,Eurasia,Scandinavia and The Alps. image copyright:Robert Forsyth

Vertigo ronnebyensis(Westerlund,1871) Shell:like V.modesta but smaller and more cylindrical. Habitat:in woods,in leaflitter,or between moss. Area:North- and East-Europe.

Vertigo lilljeborgi(Westerlund,1871) Shell:oval shaped with 5 whorls.1,9-2,2 mm high x 1,3 mm wide,mouth with 4 teeth. Pale yellowish brown,thin and transparent. Habitat:in marshy places along lakes and rivers. Area:North-Europe.

Vertigo alpestris(Alder,1838) Shell:cylindrical with 5 whorls.1,8-2 mm high x 1,2 mm wide,mouth with 3-4 teeth. Pale yellowish brown,transparent. Habitat:rocky slopes,old walls,on treetrunks. Area:North-Europe,The Alps.

Vertigo angustior(Jeffreys,1830) Shell:sinistral with 5 whorls.1,8 mm high x 0,9 mm wide,mouth with 5-6 teeth. Pale yellowish brown,glossy. Habitat:wet grasslands,dunes. Area:Europe.

Vertigo elatior(Sterki,1894) Shell:oval with 5 whorls and 5-7 denticles,the suture is deep. Habitat: Area:Canada,North-America. Vertigo ovata(Say,1822) Shell:oval,hight 2,5 mm,glossy and reddish-brown,7-9 denticles and a deep suture. Habitat:marshes and wet places under leafs and logs. Area:Canada,North-America,West-Indies. image copyright:Robert Forsyth

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