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Superfamily Achatinoidea 
Family Spiraxidae
Genus Euglandina 
Genus Pittieria 
Genus Poiretia
Genus Spiraxis
Genus Streptostyla
This is a carnivorous family of snails which live in tropical and sub-tropical
America and The Mediterranean.

Euglandia rosea(Fèrussac,1821) The shell has a height of 76 mm and a width of 27 mm with 6 whorls.The color is brownish pink. In hardwood forests,roadsides and gardens The body of the snail is long which enables it to crawl into the apertures of the shells of other snails. This species is a native in Southern North-America(Florida,Texas,Louisiana,South-Carolina Alabama and Georgia) Euglandia rosea is one of the most used species to control the Giant African Landsnails in French Polynesia,Hawaii and other areas where it has been introduced. Unfortunatly it also has an appetite for other smaller species.This caused the extinction of a lot of Partula species in French Polynesia.

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