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Superfamily Achatinoidea

Genus Euonyma Genus Glessula Genus Homorus Genus Krapfiella Genus Lamellaxis Genus Neobeliscus Genus Ochroderma Genus Opeas Genus Prosopeas Genus Pseudoglessula Genus Rhodea Genus Tortaxis Tribe Subulini Genus Subulina Tribe Ruminini Genus Rumina Tribe Obeliscini Tribe Cryptelasmini The snails in this family have cone-shaped or cylindrical shells.Most of the species live in the tropics.

Pseudoglessula boivini Morelet,1860 Shell:Conical with a blunt spire,whorls rounded with fine axial riblets.Colouring translucent straw-brown.Length up to 23 mm. The animal is yellowish-grey with grey tentacles,dark spots on the body are visible through the shell giving it a patterned look. Habitat:Coastal forest to open savanna,under rocks,bark,logs etc. Distribution:East- and Central-Africa.

Euonyma lanceolata Pfeiffer,1854 Shell:Large and conical with weak,curved axial riblets.Colouring whitish with a yellowish to olive-brown periostracum. Length up to 58 mm. Habitat:Coastal lowland and dune forest in leaf litter and under logs. Distribution:Eastern South-Africa;Zululand(Eshowe area)northwards into South-Mozambique,inland to the Lebombo Mountains.

Euonyma lymneaeformis Melvill & Ponsonby,1901 Shell:Conical,smooth with some growth lines.Colouring pale brownish-yellow. Length up to 38 mm. Habitat:Podocarpus forest to open grassland,sometimes in gardens and exotic plantations. Living under stones,logs and leaf-litter. Distribution:Eastern South-Africa;Central KwaZulu-Natal,from Durban and Umhlali to Creighton,Bulwer and Kranskop inland.

Euonyma tugelensis Melvill & Ponsonby,1897 Shell:Conical,but variable,translucent and smooth,glossy.Colouring white with a thin brown periostracum. Length up to 14 mm. Habitat:Dune,coastal lowland,Podocarpus- and scarp forest,thicket,shrubs in leaf-litter,under rocks and logs. Distribution:Eastern southern Africa;Maputo and Ndumo,southwards to Illovo,inland to Colenso and Hilton.

Rumina decollata Linnaeus,1758 The shells get up to 40 mm high,young shells look different than older ones. The top of the shell breaks off when the snails get older,leaving them with a very characteristically shell.The color is pale brown. The snails live in dry open places, slopes with rubble,low shrubs around The Mediterranean.

Subulina octona Bruguière,1789 Shell:cone shaped with 8-9 whorls,14-17 mm high,colorless,glossy and transparent. Habitat:damp places in leaflitter Area:Tropical America,also in greenhouses.

Subulina striatella Rang,1831 Shell:cone shaped and 16-24 mm high,ribbed. Habitat:damp places in leaflitter. Area:Tropical West-Africa,also in greenhouses in England and Scotland.

Lamellaxis clavulinus Potiez and Michaud,1838 Shell:coneshaped and 7-9 mm high,3.8 mm wide,yellowish or white,thin and transparent. Habitat:damp places in leaflitter. Area:Eastern East-Africa,Indonesia,Australia,Japan,Polynesia, apparently also in greenhouses.

Opeas crystallinum Melvill & Ponsonby,1896 Shell:Very narrow with a blunt apex,glossy.Colouring transparent white with a thin yellowish periostracum. Length up to 15 mm. Habitat:A variety of vegetation in leaf-litter under stones and wood. Distribution:Eastern South-Africa;Pondoland coast to Eshowe,inland to Spioenkop, Utrecht and Ithala Game Reserve.

Opeas florentiae Melvill & Ponsonby,1901 Shell:Conical,fragile and transparent,shiny. Length up to 11 mm. Habitat:Scarp forest,coastal lowland,dune but also in a variety of other habitats. Distribution:Eastern South-Africa;Knysna north to Kosi Bay,inland to Weenen,Kranskop and Ngome Forest.

Opeas pumilum Pfeiffer,1840 Shell:cone shaped with 6 whorls.5,5-7 mm high,colorless and transparent. Habitat:damp places in leaflitter. Distribution:Tropical Central-America.

Opeas hannense Rang,1831 Shell:height 5-7 mm,width 2 mm. Habitat:damp places in leaf litter. Distribution:Tropical Central-America.

Allopeas clavulinum Potiez & Michaud,1838 Shell:cylindrical and glossy with 5 whorls,height 8-11 mm,width 3 mm. Habitat:damp places in leaf litter. Distribution:East-Africa,Samoa.

Allopeas gracile Hutton,1834 Shell:cylindrical with 6 whorls,height 8-13 mm,width 2-4 mm. Habitat:damp places in leaf litter. Distribution:The Tropics.

Paropeas achatinaceum Pfeiffer,1846 Shell:thin,somewhat transparent,yellowish or white.Height 7-15 mm,width 2-5 mm. Habitat:In forests,disturbed areas,also coastal areas under stones and in leaf litter. Distribution:In the tropical Indo-Pacific.

Paropeas acutissimum Shell:Thin,yellowish or white,with coarse ribs and finer riblets. Up to 34 mm high,8 mm wide,up to 11 whorls. Habitat:In forests in leaf litter and under rotting wood on limestone and volcanic soil. Distribution:Bali,Nusa Penida,Sumatra,Java. To main page To snailfamilies