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Superfamily Succinoidea
Family Succineidae

A worldwide group of snails living in wet places like swamps and the edges of lakes and rivers.The shell is mostly brown,thin,glossy and transparent.

Catinella arenaria(Bouchard-Chantereaux,1837) Shell is a reddish-brown,5 mm wide x 9 mm high. The animal is dark-grey or black. In West-Europe in dunevalleys,grasslands and mud in swamps.

Succinea oblonga(Draparnaud,1801) Shell is pale brown or greenish white often covered in mud,6 mm wide x 8 mm high. The animal is dark-grey. Europe and West-Asia along rivers,in swamps and between rocks.

Succinea putris(Linneaus,1758)Amber Snail Shell is fragile,transparent,pale green-yellow or brownish,10 mm wide x 17 mm high. It has 3-4 whorls,with an oval aperture. The animal is pale yellow-brown but can be dark grey too. Europe and Siberia close to water.

Succinea ovalis(Say) Shell oval,thin,translucent,greenish yellow,glossy. Aperture ovate. Length 14.2-16.5 mm and width 9-11 mm with 2.5 whorls. The animal is orangey on the flanks,with a gray or blackish back.Usually with black or gray stripes on the flanks.The sole is bluish gray.The tentacles dark gray.. In NC,TN,AL,MI,ND,MO.

Oxyloma elegans(Risso,1826) Shell is brown transparent,9 mm wide x 12 mm high,with 2,5-3 whorls. The animal is dark. Eurasia and North-America on reeds and mud besides water.