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Snails as symbols

Images of snails have been and are used to symbolize a number of things.Their speed,or better the lack thereof, represents slowness.For example a picture of a snail on a button of a forklifter tells the driver that by pushing this he will go slow. Similar is the use of the word "snails-pace".Here illustrated by this cartoon by Thomas Nast,published in the November 24th 1877 issue of Harpers Weekly. Their hibernating nature made snails symbols of resurrection.Here is a good example of the use of the snail in this manner.It is found on a 17th century gravestone in the Domchurch,Utrecht,The Netherlands. detail (photo's:(c)Arno Brosi) Frida Kahlo's "Henry Ford hospital" o "la cama volando",here the snail represents the slow course of the miscarriage.